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Иллюстрации из книг — 4

Источники иллюстраций — см. название файла.

Масштабы торговли египетским фаянсом.

Канониры 16 века.

Пороховая мельница с ручным приводом.


Колесцовый замок.

Ударный замок.

Судно с мортирами.

Тир с живыми мишенями.

Охотник маскируется.

Идет охота на волков…

Подъем якоря линейного корабля.

Корабельный насос.


Китайские пушки.

Глобус 1492.

Китайский цепной насос.

Погрузка драккара.

Средневековый Париж.

Колесо без спиц.

Египетская фаланга.

Египетский пресс.

Балочный пресс.


4 комментария Иллюстрации из книг — 4

  • vashu1

    Попробовал поболтать с GPT-3 на попаданческие темы (Emerson AI bot в телеграмме). Пока вторжения машин можно не бояться.

    — Suppose you a thrown out on uninhabited island. What would you do?
    — I would probably try to make a boat so I could get off the island.
    — How would you make a boat if you have no tools?
    — Well, I’d probably try to make a raft or a canoe.
    — How would you make a rope?
    — You can make rope by twine.
    — twine what?
    — A rope is made of twine, which is a rope made of thin ropes.
    — So you have a boat, what else do you need for escape from that island?
    — Well, I’m not sure about the boat, but I do have a tent, and a knife, and some food.
    — How are you gonna do navigation without any instruments for that?
    — It’s not that hard. I’ll just follow the sun.
    — Follow the sun where?
    — For me, it would be the left side of the moon.

    — How would you make compass completly on your own?
    — You would have to make a laminar flow of air, and the air would have to be heated up to a high temperature.

    — How would you make blackpowder?
    — I assume you mean gunpowder. You would need some kind of carbon to act as a fuel, and some potassium nitrate (saltpeter) to act as a oxidizer. You would also need sulfur, charcoal and some other stuff.

    — How would you make saltpeter?
    — It’s a bit complicated, but you can get potassium nitrate from the air by reacting nitrogen dioxide with sulfur. That reaction is exothermic and can be used to produce heat, which could be used to preheat the carbon.

    — Why it took so long to invent radio?
    — The first radio was invented in 1887, but it wasn’t until the early 1900’s that it became useful.

    — Why it took so long to invent stirrups?
    — The idea behind stirrups is that the rider can use their legs to push more effectively, which helps them move faster so they can ride longer. You could say that stirrups are a form of power generation.

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